About Me

My name is Nahomy Galan. I am certified in holistic nutrition and started teaching myself how to create candles back in 2018. I worked in a medical marijuana clinic where patients with a qualifying chronic condition could get a doctor's permission to receive their medical marijuana cards. For the first time, I loved my job. But I wanted and knew that I could do more. What first sparked the idea that I would love to have my own business some day was that my boss was a woman, and a black woman at that. She was amazing! She gave me much hope that it is possible to be a successful woman of color in business. There are specific reasons why I wanted to pursue a certificate in nutrition.

Back then, I was somewhat health conscious. I was vegetarian for about two years before I had my son. After having a baby, old habits kicked back in (I began eating poultry again, no red meat for me). Working at the medical marijuana clinic sparked something else in me. I noticed a common theme in so many of our patients. Many smoked, drank alcohol, and were on so many prescription pills. Have you noticed how your primary doctors don't really question or have open and detailed conversations about your diet when in their office? Me being on my own healing journey at the time I couldn't help but wonder, what if I could educate others on how eating better will help with the chronic fatigue, chronic pain, the anxiety and depression! 

This was really how it all started. It was in 2020, during the pandemic that I took the time to learn and unlearn so many things about health and wellness, about what we consume and how to trust the body and learn its signals and cues to know what it needs. I also wanted to help my mother with her high blood pressure and migraines. I moved in with my mom and grandmother where I learned to cook (or should I say perfect) a traditional Dominican meal. During this time, I made my grandmother, who has diabetes, lots of fruit smoothies, simple and nutritious meals, and sugar-free desserts to satisfy her sugar cravings. 

I used to be constipated, had breakouts on my face and back, I was always bloated, and prone to headaches and migraines. To alleviate the pain I would grab my go-to, ibuprofen. Now, I can take care of the headaches that may come once in a while, with pure essential oils, acupuncture, a colorful diet, and natural remedies that I can purchase or even make at home. One thing I am sure of is that my son will know what a holistic life is. As parents, we don't want our children to go through what we did. Ultimately, I'm learning and growing and healing to set an example.

I am here to tell you that living a life without being in constant pain is possible. It is important to take a good look at ourselves, our diets, and our lifestyles. I believe that making small steps is the approach to achieving our goals.