Nutrition and Wellness Coaching

1-1 Holistic Nutrition and Wellness Coaching

For many of us, we struggle with finding the right balance in our lives for self-care, family, work, mental health, and so on. We feel like eating healthy means giving up our favorite meals and eating "boring" and expensive food we can't always afford. I'm here to help you explore this wonderful world of colors and CHEAP food!

THEN, you'll want to learn and find even more ways to feel good outside of eating. That's when mindfulness and wellness of lifestyle comes in. 

I will help you develop food practices consistent with your nutritional needs, taking into consideration your habits, lifestyle, and beliefs. 

I offer private weekly or biweekly sessions where we discuss your health goals and how I will help you in achieving them. 

Monthly packages include weekly sessions over zoom, a food guide/list specifically made for you with recipes and tips, intensive support, and more.

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